2D4U Frequently Asked Questions

Before questioning us on our life choices, please read these frequently asked questions for an answer.

What does 2D4U mean?

Nobody knows. Actually, we know, we just aren't going to tell you.

I don't know anything about coding. Can I still apply?

Of course! In fact, your exactly the kind of person we want to apply. Our goal at 2D4U is to teach people how to code. So don't be afraid of not being accepted just because you can't code yet. Chances are we want to help you and we will accept your application.

Can I use spaces/non alphanumeric characters in my username?

Yes you can, this isn't Twitter. As long as your username isn't already taken (visit our Websites page to see which users are taken) and it's reasonable (`q112oe`[r2]]/d./`.,d`o- isn't a very good username) then you can use any character you'd like.

Do I have to use Glitch to develop my website?

No, you do not have to use Glitch to develop your website. There are other free website hosts avalible like GitHub Pages where you can edit your website just like Glitch if you know how to use GitHub. One downside to using GitHub Pages is that your website won't instantly update when you make changes.

Is 2D4U sponsored by Glitch?

No, we just really like their product. (Glitch pls sponsor us)